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Professional ​

Software developer, around ten years of experience in iOS, using development languages like Java, Swift, and Objective-C. Knowledge in MVVM, Clean Architecture, and SOLID principles. Besides that, I have experience in Python related to data science with frameworks like Social Network Analysis with networkx, scikit-learn, Clustering, PCA, Pandas, and Spark. 





Machine Learning

Management & Leadership

Founder - Ideasup

​2016 - present


Guide technically our clients in Colombia who want to create their technology-based startup. Create advice and training techniques in mobile development for our clients in Colombia. Create solid architecture for mobile applications. Create a solid mobile development process and good practices across teams

Engineering Manager - TomTom
​2022 - Present
Hire and build a new team from scratch to focus on the new automation strategy of the company – MLops Team. Define the long-term vision for this new charter, establishing OKRs and goals for the next year

Engineering Manager - Amazon Spain
​2020 - 2022
Lead projects for Amazon business and Amazon Halo 


iOS tech Leader/ Engineering Manager - Merlin Jobs
​2018 - 2020


Merlin is a startup based in New York and it is transforming recruiting for hourly workers in the US. They enable job seekers to find the best, most relevant jobs close to their homes while helping employers to find, screen and select the best candidates for every opening.


Senior iOS Developer - Meridian Group

​2016 - 2018


Meridian is a software engineering organization focused on helping startups with their mobile, web, and cloud-based application development needs.

Senior iOS Developer - VOIQ

​2016 - 2016


VOIQ is a Y Combinator Startup base in San Francisco. VOIQ AI VoiceBots automate the Sales and Marketing calls by carrying out natural conversations over the phone to schedule meetings, remind leads about upcoming demos, remind customers about pending payments and prospect leads

iOS Developer - Ride

​2014 - 2016


Ride is a Startup based in New York. The main business is carpooling for Manhattan


Spanish - Native

English - Intermediate

Universidad Libre de Colombia

​2007 - 2013


B.SC. Systems Engineering


Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

​2016 - 2019


MS. Analytics for Business Intelligence


​2020 - Present

Deep Learning Specialization

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